Bombardier/Airbus deliver first ‘CSeries’ jet to Delta Airlines

The first Airbus A220 — the jet formerly known as the CSeries 100 — has been delivered to Delta Airlines.
Bombardier/Airbus delivered the first of 75 planes on Friday in the culmination of a deal that sparked an international trade complaint and a short-lived tariff.
To mark the occasion employees celebrated with a rock band and acrobats inside the hangar where the airplane was handed over.
Delta first ordered the planes from Bombardier years ago, but in 2016 Boeing, which had not participated in the bidding process to sell planes to Delta, filed a complaint with U.S. trade officials.
The U.S. Commerce Department then imposed tariffs of nearly 300 percent on the CSeries — a decision that was struck down a few months later by the U.S. International Trade Commission.
During that process Airbus and Bombardier made a deal to transfer ownership of the CSeries to Airbus, and to manufacture — or to finish — certain planes in Alabama to get around U.S. trade restrictions.
“Alone it was also a bit of a challenging journey and that is why we’re so glad to have Airbus as a partner and now taking the lead of the program,” said Alain Bellemare of Bombardier.
Guillaume Faury, president of Airbus’ commercial aircraft division, said the delivery could not have happened without an international “partnership that spans the Canadian, American and European aviation sectors”.
Delta Air Lines will introduce the first Airbus A220 in North America at New York’s LaGuardia airport, making good on promises that the aircraft would initially fly from the Big Apple.
Routes with the A220 will begin flying across the United States in 2019.


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